We take pride in the materials we choose to create our products. We search for and choose materials that are environmentally conscious and responsible. Materials that we believe are of better quality and that will last.

Vegetable Tanned Leather

Vegetable tanning uses no harmful chemicals but rather natural tannins found in trees and plant species. It is a traditional, artisanal process that maintains the natural beauty of leather.

Fabric origin: Italy
Thickness: Full grain, 2mm
Features: Durable, long lasting, ages beautifully and uniquely to make it truly yours.



recycled cotton

Made from pre-consumer waste that would otherwise been thrown away. An environmentally friendly, sustainable material that addresses the resource-intensive impact of the cotton industry

Fabric origin: China
Weight: 16oz
Features: All the great qualities of cotton
(durablity, softness and easy care) are maintained.