Our Story

Creating beautiful, quality pieces that don't cost a fortune.

 There’s nothing more captivating than your own personal style. Every individual characteristic that makes you who you are should be celebrated.

The market is saturated with fast fashion and it was getting too hard to find honest pieces that last. That’s why we design in-house in Australia and maintain control of the entire manufacturing process. Having close relationships with our factories allow us to source the finest materials and manage regular factory visits, allowing us to conduct independent quality checks and working conditions.



Each step towards the finished product is carefully considered to ensure our products are created with integrity.

Every piece should make you feel more like you. Our identity doesn't need to be shaped by the newest trend, someones opinion or the speed of consumerism. Be who you are and express your individuality.

Reach out to us at hello@celerythelabel.com or use the contact page.